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Consistent Photos
Every Patient, Every Time

RxPhoto securely captures, manages and shares patient photos and videos

Does your clinical photography showcase your patients' great results?

clinical photography gallery for patients
4 out of 5

patients view a practice's before and after gallery before undergoing a procedure

before and after plastic surgery software
75% of consumers

researching cosmetic surgery said they would not consider a practice that doesn’t have before and after photos

Capture perfect before and after photos


Transform your iPhone or iPad into a powerful clinical photography system allowing you to take high quality and professional photos from multiple exam rooms simultaneously.


Capture standardized photos with on-screen positioning templates. Ensure consistency with RxPhoto’s patented photo ghosting feature that uses previous photos as a guide for taking new ones.


RxPhoto also includes a wealth of useful tools such as injection tracking, custom tags, digital consent forms and more.Learn more

RxPhoto has totally streamlined my process and enables my staff to capture high quality and consistent before and after photos at every patient encounter.
testimonial photo of Dr. Robert Goodman, Springfield MA - Medical photography review Dr. Robert Goodman, Springfield MA logo Plastic Surgeon Dr. Goodman

Aesthetic Extender Tools

Conversion Tools

Slider, morphing and drawing tools help explain the benefits of your treatments.

Expectation Management

Before and after patient photos tools help show patients their own great results.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

Patients love sharing their great results! RxPhoto’s Patient Portal and Practice-Branded Reports are just a few ways to stay in touch with your patients and build word of mouth referrals for your practice. Learn more

One of the best capabilities is the tool to compare before and after pictures in order to see progress and results.
Lauren Martin, Miami FL

Manage photos from any device

save time

Effortlessly retrieve photos by patient name, encounter date, anatomical region, clinical notes, or customizable diagnosis and treatment tags.

HIPAA compliant cloud technology

Securely access your photos from your handheld, tablet or PC.


Print practice-branded patient evaluations with before and after photos. Send photos to patients via a HIPAA compliant gateway. Publish before and after photos directly to your website.
Learn more

With RxPhoto, managing patient photos is no longer a time consuming chore. There is no need to upload and label photos, the software does it for my staff automatically. This allows us to spend less time labeling photos and more time caring for our patients.
testimonial photo of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fouda, Montreal QB - Medical photography review Dr. Fouda, Montreal QB logo Plastic Sugeon Dr. Omar Fouda Neel

Compliance without compromise

HIPAA compliant mobile photography

Photos are never stored to the mobile device. Saved photos are automatically encrypted and pushed to a HIPAA compliant cloud.

Leave the security to us

The legal requirements of physical security and technical security are always met or exceeded by RxPhoto. We provide turnkey security and compliance.
Learn more

I like knowing our photos are secured from a state and federal standpoint. Without RxPhoto, it becomes a DIY process that becomes terribly time consuming.
testimonial photo of Dermatologist Jeff Birchall, Carlsbad CA - Medical photography review Jeff Birchall, Carlsbad CA logo for Dermacare, Jeff Birchall, Carlsbad CA

Share & Engage

With RxPhoto, you’re empowered to capture and manage your clinical photography. With RxPhoto’s additional tools you can share photos with patients and educate them maximizing communication before, during and after the consultation moving more patients from consultation to procedure.

iPad Consultation App

NewU is a client branded consultation app that allows practices to present before and afters and educational content on tablet or smartphone.

NewU Logo

Secure Online Portal

HeathVu lets practices share clinical photographs and information with patients, referring physicians and insurance companies.

HealthVu Logo

Custom Website Tools

GalleryVu embeds your RxPhoto before and afters to your practice branded website gallery with the press of a button.

"Being able to easily show before and after photos
has helped me dramatically improve my consultation conversion rate"

Dr. Travis Shaw M.D.

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Travis Shaw

"This application has changed the way we practice medicine and has really differentiated us from a lot of other practices"

Dr. Ariel Soffer Soffer Health Institute

Cardiologist - Dr. Ariel Soffer

"I was apprehensive about using a new technology in our practice,
but within a day I was up and running
and now I don’t know how I survived without it"

Dr. Kami Owen FNP-BC

Nurse Injector - Kami Owen

"RxPhoto has taken the aggravation out of keeping track of my photos"

Dr. Richard Vazquez Northwestern Memorial Hospital

General Surgeon - Dr. Richard Vasquez

"Clinical photography was very time consuming and tedious until we began using RxPhoto"

Dr. Manu B. Aggarwal General Surgery & Phlebology

Vein Treatment - Dr. Aggarwal
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    Dr. Travis Shaw
  • testimonial photo of vein surgeon Dr. Ariel Soffer - Medical photography review
    Dr. Ariel Soffer
  • testimonial photo of Medical spa owner - Kami Owen - Medical photography review
    Dr. Kami Owen
  • testimonial photo of surgeon Dr. Richard Vazquez - Medical photography review
    Dr. Richard Vazquez
  • testimonial photo of vein surgeon Manu B. Aggarwal - Medical photography review
    Dr. Manu B. Aggarwal

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